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Connecting to TheChaw using Git Extension

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Chaw is an application developed on CakePHP to handle some simple tasks needed for hosting code, providing information, and getting contributions from the world. It’s the repository for CakePHP rapid development framework and also home for everything useful for CakePHP developers like the debug_kit for CakePHP.

Here’s what I did to connect successfully to TheChaw repository, I use the GIT Extensions which can be found here: GIT EXTENSIONS I also use putty from the putty project download the complete package.

Create an SSH Key using Puttygen I use SSH-2 RSA 1024, save your private and public key to any directory. Make sure to enter a key phrase if you want to change it and also to secure it.

Copy your OpenSSH key (its the key that says: Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized key files) from your puttygen screen logged in to your account at the chaw repository and paste your SSH key in the field for the GIT in your account.

To register your public key open pageant and select add key. Browse for your private key file that you generated using puttygen. Install your GIT Extensions and put this in the path in your environment variables by selecting the control panel >>> system >> advanced>>>path>>> selecte edit and add it as your last entry then save GIT_SSH=C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe.

To register in your registry open putty and type in the hostname as port 22 select SSH and click open. It will now prompt you to save the server fingerprint in your registry just go ahead and accept it.

Now you’re ready to clone the repository, open GIT EXTENSIONS and click clone existing repository make sure that you load your private key file again in putty pageant supply your local directory and hit clone and you’re good to go.

If something else is wrong just trace your steps again and it should work.



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