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Pommo Mailer Aardvark PR16.1+42 version installation quirks

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poMMo is a versatile mass mailing software. It can be used to add a mailing list to your Web site or to organize stand alone mailings and in fact the features are neat for a free mass mailing software. You can find the software from

I’m recently playing with poMMo for me to use it on some clients website that requires a mass mailing software, the installation works perfectly in Linux machine and I managed to install and configure it without hassle. Now comes the customization part and that means duplicating the installation in my development machine running apache on Windows. Installation is pretty straight forward you just need to edit the file config.sample.php provide your database access information and save it as config.php and call the installation script from poMMo install directory and voila you have just installed your poMMo mailer. As I have said it works perfectly in Linux machine. In Linux you don’t need to change the overrides as it works perfectly but Windows is a different story.

Now comes the Windows installation quirks. Assuming that you’ve just configured it almost exactly as your live site to customize the look of the software. In effect you will just be retracing your installation steps mentioned above.

In Windows we need tweak the override configuration from the config file:

::: Overrides :::
Uncomment (remove the leading “**”) to define the following settings.
NOTE: These settings are auto-detected by default, and best left unchanged.

[baseURL] = “/”
Set the Base URL (poMMo’s path relative to the webserver) e.g.;
(poMMo location) (baseURL value) / /me/pommo/

NOTE: Include trailing slash

[workDir] = “/cache”

Set the “working” directory. poMMo writes files to this directory.

By default, it is set to the “cache” directory in the poMMo root.

For increased security move this directory to a location not reachable
via the web (e.g. /home/brice/work vs. /home/brice/public_html/work)

Make sure the webserver can write to this directory!

[hostname] =

Set the webhost’s server name

[hostport] = 80

Set the webhost’s listening port [Usually 80, 443, or 8080]

The above configuration will allow you to install the mailer but will give you this access error when you try to access the home/login page.

login error debug enable

looking for cache

Changing the [workDir] part to “cache” will allow you to access the login page:

[workDir] = “cache”
Set the “working” directory. poMMo writes files to this directory.
By default, it is set to the “cache” directory in the poMMo root.

but will give you this error when you try to sign in.

pommo login debug

pommo error login

with the following backtrace in debug mode:


file: 30 – F:\Projects\mailer\pommo\inc\helpers\debug.php
call: PommoHelperDebug->bmBacktrace()
file: 365 – F:\Projects\mailer\pommo\inc\classes\pommo.php
call: PommoHelperDebug->bmDebug()
file: 126 – F:\Projects\mailer\pommo\inc\classes\pommo.php
call: Pommo->kill(“Work Directory (cache) not found! Make sure it exists and the we…”)
file: 60 – F:\Projects\mailer\pommo\bootstrap.php
call: Pommo->preInit()
file: 30 – F:\Projects\mailer\pommo\admin\admin.php
call: require(“F:\Projects\mailer\pommo\bootstrap.php”)

BaseDir: F:\Projects\mailer\pommo/
Revision: 42

So to keep everything short and working you need change this line [workDir] = ” “ and leave it blank to keep your installation working allowing you to access the home/login page and administration interface

[workDir] = “” //leave the cache work directory blank
Set the “working” directory. poMMo writes files to this directory.
By default, it is set to the “cache” directory in the poMMo root.

Make sure you set the double quotes without space in between or it will give you the error below:

pommo debugging

double quotes



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