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I’ve been planning a total redesign of this site, though interest is there the urge to do it immediately is not apparent or I’m just being lazy. With every engine upgrade of course comes the pain of breaking things every now and then though it’s not huge, the effort of making this site to work in harmony is still big in some scope of things. Security wise with every upgrade there will always be people attempting to break in, and open registration means inviting people good and bad alike to either help the site or break it. I experience some of those bad things of course, but thanks to them I just woke up dreaming and hoping that this place will be better than before. The original site idea was just plain and simple nothing big, just a place to put my thoughts and things that I’m working on to be accessible even after I finished working on it. 3 years had passed and yes I’m revisiting this site just to touch up a bit. So the first in the list is 1. engine update both in the main site and the forum, 2. forum and main site integration still working perfectly after the upgrade. 3. Added some facebook bandwagon feature, well every one does have a facebook now, 4. tweaking some of the navigation link to be more accessible, 5. added some language translation feature: though don’t rely too much on the translation as google’s translation engine needs more ironing, translation are taken literally rather than in context {I find it funny reading through the translation in my own language :) }. There might be additional feature that may came out and thanks for those people who are registering on this site you keep my traffic coming. If you register to this site and you want to contribute an article or anything under the sun just let me know this site pages is open for everyone. If you find yourself registering and unable to login that simply means I deleted your account, nothing personal just had some experience with nasty people who instead of helping are breaking the things that I am or We are trying to build cheers!.



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