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Admodito Online Classified Marketplace

Lately we’ve been creating our new project Admodito.com – an online classified marketplace community for buyers and sellers involve in direct selling in the Philippines and Thailand. The site features free listings of ads aside from our premium listing wherein premium ads are given longer post period instead of the regular 20 days for free ads. Site traffic have started to build up and we believe that the initial launch is a success. We currently feature and promote our Artisans’ Marketplace, in support of our local Artisan’s in the Philippines and Thailand. It features handicraft sellers with excellent quality craftsmanship on their products made from locally available materials. You can check us out and see for yourself it’s Artisans’ Marketplace

Installing ClockworkMod Recovery in Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3100)

ClockworkMod Recovery is being used for recovery of ROM images, full backup tool for your devices, and rooting tool just to name a few. This tool has become indispensable to Android enthusiast running a variety of devices and to those people who wants to upgrade downgrade their devices at will without the need of going to service centers. With this tool and a proper knowledge on how to use it properly anybody who are initiated can easily update their devices to the latest ROM’s or downgrade it to the oldest available stock Rom. On this post I would like to share the procedure on installing the ClockworkMod recovery tool for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 running on the ICS Stock ROM 4.0.3.

Tools Needed:

1. Odin3 (V1.85) (Grab the download link here)

Upgrading your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3100) ICS (4.0.3) to the new Jelly Beans (4.1.1)

Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 comes with the ICS stock rom 4.0.3, this is currently upgradeable to Jelly Beans 4.1.1 via Kies OTA update from Samsung. However Jelly Beans update is only partially available officially on the Wi-Fi device on selected countries. The 3G version of this update recently leaked from Samsung servers in India for the base firmware P3100DDBLH3 this is just a test release and may still improved when Samsung finally release the official version. If you are too keen try this on your device to experience the performance enhancement offered by Jelly Beans and the Android Project Butter then now is your chance to try it even before it becomes publicly available to the majority of Android folks.

This update requires a very specific version of the firmware P3100DDBLH3 for (GT-P3100) so make sure you have it in your device before flashing the OTA update. If you don’t have it, it’s still possible to upgrade your device by flashing the base firmware first (this will essentially replaced your base firmware so it can be flashed with the OTA update) and then proceed on flashing the OTA update:

Pommo Mailer Aardvark PR16.1+42 version installation quirks

poMMo is a versatile mass mailing software. It can be used to add a mailing list to your Web site or to organize stand alone mailings and in fact the features are neat for a free mass mailing software. You can find the software from www.pommo.org

I’m recently playing with it to be used on some clients website that requires a mass mailing software, the installation works perfectly in Linux machine and I managed to install and configure it without hassle. Now comes the customization part and that means duplicating the installation in my development machine running apache on Windows. Installation is pretty straight forward you just need to edit the file config.sample.php
provide your database access information and save it as config.php and call the installation script from poMMo install directory and voila you have just installed your poMMo mailer. As I have said it works perfectly in Linux machine. In Linux you don’t need to change the overrides as it works perfectly but not on Windows.

Now comes the Windows installation quirks. Assuming that you’ve just configured it almost exactly as your live site to customize the look of the software. In effect you will just be retracing your installation steps mentioned above.

God Bless the hacker :)…

While I was sleeping someone who happens to drop by at this site managed to register an account since my registration link is open and with all malicious intent decided to crash this site by loading it with encrypted code this code was appended in my index page and eventually cause the site to crash […]

Putty Connection Manager

I’m recently looking for tabbed Putty connection instances, as it is becoming cumbersome for me to work with a lot of putty screens on my desktop moving from one connection instance to the next. Fortunately I found one and It is called Putty Connection Manager. The market for ssh clients seems to be split from Putty (Free) and Secure CRT (Which is not Free), but for me as long as it does the job well and I can work with it then why go for a commercial version. There are pros and cons of course but for the mean time Putty CM will suffice for my work style.

* Tabs and dockable windows for PuTTY instances.
* Fully compatible with PuTTY configuration (using registry).
* Easily customizable to optimize workspace (fullscreen, minimze to tray, add/remove toolbar, etc…).
* Automatic login feature regardless to protocol restrictions (user keyboard simulation).
* Post-login commands (execute any shell command when logged).
* Connection Manager : Manage a large number of connections with specific configuration (auto-login, specific PuTTY Session, post-command, etc…).
* Quick connect toolbar to quickly launch a PuTTY connection.

Resetting Administrator Password in Windows XP

I recently forgot my Administrator password on one of my workstation and I need some of my important files in there. Good thing there’s a way to reset it. If you have your password reset disk then it will be handy and you will be online in no time. Or just buy a software to reset you administrator password better yet, just try this trick and it might still work. This password reset procedure will try to leverage the security hole found on Windows XP without moving your hardisk from one computer to another. This security hole unfortunately is still un-patched even if you are running the latest service pack 3. Get your Windows installer ready and your serial number before trying this procedure.

1. Place your Windows CD in your cdrom drive. Then press on any key to boot from your installer.
2. Setup will begin inspecting your computer until you are prompted to press enter to setup windows.
3. Accept the licensing agreement.
4. Select the option to repair your Windows installation by pressing R.
5. Let the repair run it will check your disk and copy the installation files.

150,000 visitors mark and counting

Just recently hit the 150,000 thousand visitors mark and counting though post and articles are infrequent quiet busy with a lot of things lately. Slowly building a number of hosted websites the most notable are www.medihcare.com – Thailand medical tourism portal and www.micosantos.co.nz – Mico Santos’s Style of life a blog about life and anything […]

Developers Difficulty Level1

Currently having developers difficulty, especially in maintaining the source code. We need to have a version control system, to do the work efficiently; updating the changes on the text file alone does not offer a much in terms of over writing each others changes.

All of a sudden 3G connection is gone for 3 days straight now… currently connecting via EDGE reliable but slow, and manage to update this site and side notes.

Open SSH Authentication with Cygwin and Putty

Secure shell authentication (SSH Authentication) can be used by client to connect to a server remotely with encryption enabled. SSH or secure shell access offers a convenient way to access the servers terminal securely, however it becomes annoying if we need to type the password every time we need to connect to a server especially if we have a strong password in place. Doing it automatically offers a convenient and secure way to access our servers.

We can do this using OpenSSH if you have a Linux machine or Mac then by no means you already have it in your system. This article focus primarily in using OpenSSH via Windows machine, I just included the Cygwin to do this but it can also be done by using Putty alone.

So to start with, lets define what do we mean:

* Client: the system one types directly on, such as a laptop or desktop system.

* Server: anything connected to from the client.

Some precautions don’t allow your root account to do this, you can always run sudo command to perform administrative task. To do this of just add a user to the wheel group in Linux system to allow them to become