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Recent site updates

I’ve been planning a total redesign of this site, though interest is there the urge to do it immediately is not apparent or I’m just being lazy. With every engine upgrade of course comes the pain of breaking things every now and then though it’s not huge, the effort of making this site to work in harmony is still big in some scope of things. Security wise with every upgrade there will always be people attempting to break in, and open registration means inviting people good and bad alike to either help the site or break it. I experience some of those bad things of course, but thanks to them I just woke up dreaming and hoping that this place will be better than before. The original site idea was just plain and simple nothing big, just a place to put my thoughts and things that I’m working on to be accessible even after I finished working on it. 3 years had passed and yes I’m revisiting this site just to touch up a bit. So the first in the list is 1. engine update both in the main site and the forum, 2. forum and main site integration still working perfectly after the upgrade. 3. Added some facebook bandwagon feature, well every one does have a facebook now, 4. tweaking some of the navigation link to be more accessible, 5. added some language translation feature: though don’t rely too much on the translation as google’s translation engine needs more ironing, translation are taken literally rather than in context {I find it funny reading through the translation in my own language 🙂 }. There might

God Bless the hacker :)…

While I was sleeping someone who happens to drop by at this site managed to register an account since my registration link is open and with all malicious intent decided to crash this site by loading it with encrypted code this code was appended in my index page and eventually cause the site to crash […]

150,000 visitors mark and counting

Just recently hit the 150,000 thousand visitors mark and counting though post and articles are infrequent quiet busy with a lot of things lately. Slowly building a number of hosted websites the most notable are www.medihcare.com – Thailand medical tourism portal and www.micosantos.co.nz – Mico Santos’s Style of life a blog about life and anything […]

Developers Difficulty Level1

Currently having developers difficulty, especially in maintaining the source code. We need to have a version control system, to do the work efficiently; updating the changes on the text file alone does not offer a much in terms of over writing each others changes.

All of a sudden 3G connection is gone for 3 days straight now… currently connecting via EDGE reliable but slow, and manage to update this site and side notes.

Engine Upgrade

Finally I found the time to upgrade the site engine. We are now running the latest engine from Wordpress after enduring months of manually doing the updates due to incompatible plugins now let me have a feel of the new engine. Good thing it didn´t break the layout this time.

Just recently hit the 50,000 visitor marks

We just recently hit the 50,000 visitor marks though update is not that frequent due to busy schedules on both sides. Work and programming work :)). If schedule permits updates will be coming, for the moment we thank you for just tuning in.

Enabling MySQL InnoDB Support in Windows

Just a quick note: InnoDB Engine for transactional support is by default not configured to run in MySQL Windows distribution. So if you want to use it you have to enable it manually by tweaking your mysql.ini configuration. Usually located in your mysql installation directory. Look for this line : #Comment the following if you […]

CHCounter, WP-Statpress and WordPress MU

CHCounter, WP-Statpress and WordPress MU those are the three application that causes this site to be suspended for the reason of so much SQL query. So I have no choice than to removed it or face suspension indefinitely. I’m afraid I couldn’t put it back unless I upgrade my account to dedicated hosting or worse […]

Using the Link Relationship Attribute rel=”nofollow”

This is in response to Google’s suggestion on adding the rel=”nofollow” attributes so as to prevent comment spam. This is commonly used by people to raise their own websites’ search engine rankings by submitting linked blog comments. However this even cause people serving text ads to be penalized by Google’s algorithm. So this site will […]

EG-DesignStudio Browser Toolbar

Now you can access our website directly by just click of a button. By installing our toolbar you can search our site directly or search on google. It will also enable additional features right in your browser like accessing our site rss feed. Play with games in our gadgets, access your e-mail, having a weather […]