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How Advertising Works?, Learn to Earn Online.

Internet has become a promise of wealth to lots of people especially to those who takes time to learn how it works. Did you ever wonder how those sites earn by giving away their free services?, and letting people use their system without paying a cent for it. The answer is simply advertising they let them you use their services and in exchange for that you are viewing their ads which are paid by advertisers. Some go beyond by paying their user to use their services and in return creating an opportunity for the advertiser for greater content exposure, for the site owner a steady source of advertiser and for the user a source of income.

Me.dium Map Widget in Flock Browser

Me.dium reveals the hidden world of people and activity behind your Flock browser. With Me.dium you and your friends can see each other moving around the internet. You can surf the web together, for the first time, in real-time. You can also meet new people interested in the same stuff as you – even ask them questions and start discussions. And you’ll discover new websites based on the activity of other Me.dium users with the same interests as you. Me.dium is invite-only for now – but they’re giving Flock users a limited chance to get in early. Crossover.

Security Focus SQL Injection Bogus

Since people are asking, this so-called alert on Security Focus appears to be completely false and has no information that an attacker or the WordPress developers could use. It is completely content-free, except for making claims that every version of WP since 2.0 is vulnerable.

Online, apparently, it’s fine for someone to run into a crowded theatre and yell “fire” and the less basis there is in fact the more people link to them. It’s not uncommon to see crying-wolf reports like the above several times in a week, and a big part of what the WP security team is sifting through things to see what’s valid or not.

A valid security report looks like this, it usually includes sample code and a detailed description of the problem. The WP security team was notified of the KSES problem and it was fixed in 2.5. You can impress your friends by saying whether a security report is valid or not, so it’s a good critical facility to pick up.

Songkran “Thai New Year”

The Cultural Values of the Songkran Festival are expressed through the various ceremonies and rituals. The meaningful aspects of Songkran are culturally rich and varied in different parts of Thailand. The first cultural value is “Thanksgiving” – The demonstration of gratitude and an expression of thanks to individuals who have “done good” or shown goodwill and are worthy of respect and recognition.