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Admodito Online Classified Marketplace

Lately we’ve been creating our new project Admodito.com – an online classified marketplace community for buyers and sellers involve in direct selling in the Philippines and Thailand. The site features free listings of ads aside from our premium listing wherein premium ads are given longer post period instead of the regular 20 days for free ads. Site traffic have started to build up and we believe that the initial launch is a success. We currently feature and promote our Artisans’ Marketplace, in support of our local Artisan’s in the Philippines and Thailand. It features handicraft sellers with excellent quality craftsmanship on their products made from locally available materials. You can check us out and see for yourself it’s Artisans’ Marketplace

Philippine Nature and Engineering Wonders

Indeed Philippines we’re blessed with abundant natural resources both beautiful and endearing. In my own eyes nothing could compare to it, and if you would ask me to choose to live between my homeland and a foreign country, I would willingly choose my country of birth. The endless beauty of my native land shows in both man made structural wonders and made by God’s loving hand. True Filipino’s by heart and soul will never forget the majestic Banaue Rice Terraces carved by the hands of the Ifugao’s dubbed as the “Eight Wonder of the World,” the Banaue Rice Terraces start from the base of the mountain range and reach up to several thousand feet high. It is said that their length, put end to end, would encircle half of the globe. Made 2,000 years ago, these rice terraces manifest the engineering skill and ingenuity of the sturdy Ifugao’s. Streams and springs found in the mountains were tapped and channeled into irrigation canals that run downhill through the rice terraces.