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Resetting Administrator Password in Windows XP

I recently forgot my Administrator password on one of my workstation and I need some of my important files in there. Good thing there’s a way to reset it. If you have your password reset disk then it will be handy and you will be online in no time. Or just buy a software to reset you administrator password better yet, just try this trick and it might still work. This password reset procedure will try to leverage the security hole found on Windows XP without moving your hardisk from one computer to another. This security hole unfortunately is still un-patched even if you are running the latest service pack 3. Get your Windows installer ready and your serial number before trying this procedure.

1. Place your Windows CD in your cdrom drive. Then press on any key to boot from your installer.
2. Setup will begin inspecting your computer until you are prompted to press enter to setup windows.
3. Accept the licensing agreement.
4. Select the option to repair your Windows installation by pressing R.
5. Let the repair run it will check your disk and copy the installation files.

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Main site and forum registrations are free. Registering in the main site or in the forum site will make a double registration automatically. That means once you register and you have received your password confirmation, logging in to the main site will means you’re also logged in at the forum site.